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In this modern age of information people have access to smart gadgets and internet.  Information from various parts of the globe, every nick and corner of the household, be it in USA or in a remote village of India is readily available at our fingertips.  With this advancement in technology our eating habits have also changed drastically.  With rapidly growing urbanization which is part of the globalization, in order to keep track with our busy lifestyles people are more and more into junk foods (means less healthy foods).  With so many multinational food chains setting up their branches in various corners, unhealthy foods high in fat, salt, sugar and calories are being consumed in large quantities, which as a result is affecting one’s health and well-being.  These are putting the vast majority of population including the kids at a risk for critical diseases.  Here comes the question of healthy food choices like the organic foods.  Following a healthy diet, we can challenge these life-threatening diseases that are slowly becoming a concern for the mankind.


Organic foods are the foods that are produced through animal and environment friendly organic farming methods.  Artificial fertilizers and pesticides are completely abandoned or do away with in growing process.  The methods of producing these organic foods are legally mandated by the respective governments and are strictly regulated.


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With the passage of time people from all over the globe are more and more conscious about their eating pattern.  Now they are partaking in a more healthy diet following an organic meal plan with a challenging attitude and believing it as achievable.

This feature is written with a purpose of helping those who will be able to incline themselves more towards an organic based product rather than the unhealthy choices and it is an encouragement in that direction.

Only consuming organic food will not serve the purpose, but one has to maintain a regulated lifestyle and be responsible towards the fellow citizens and community as a whole which will help him/her to build a lifestyle that is termed as “organic lifestyle”.


Only just eating organic foods will not fulfil one’s eagerness to live a lifestyle organically, there are various facets that one must follow:  These are through eating organic, maintaining organic hygiene in everyday life, through organic farming or gardening by their own, using organic skin care products and using organic supplementation.

  1. EATING ORGANIC FOODS: This is by way of consuming organic foods that are devoid of harmful chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides.  Most of the people in under-developed countries like India take foods rich in the above-mentioned items knowingly or unknowingly which play havoc with their lifestyle and in the process are responsible for bringing down their longevity.  It will be beneficial to consume fruits and vegetables which are cultivated organically and are treated as healthy foods.

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  1. MAINTAINING AN ORGANIC HYGIENE: Maintaining cleanliness is also one of the features of leading an organic lifestyle and it starts with our home.  Cleaning of home through using organic  cleansing products in toilets and kitchens made from natural products.

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  1. ORGANIC FARMING AND GARDENING: Organic cultivation must be practised rigorously.  In the under-developed countries it is not very easy to do maintain individual garden for organic farming, this kind of things are mostly prevalent in the advanced countries, but still in minute amounts organic gardening must be practised and one must make it a habit.  These are becoming most common in recent times.  Special attention must be given for the organic  seeds and requirements for each plant and soil condition.
  1. ORGANIC SKIN CARE AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS: The most important revolution that has gone through in this present decade is cosmetics (skin care products).  People are using more and more of these products for personal beautification especially women.  Men are also nowadays very much conscious about their outer beauty, so selling of organic cosmetic products throughout the world is on a steady rise.
  1. ORGANIC SUPPLEMENTS:  Besides organic foods various organic supplements are thronging the markets in large numbers.  With the increase in health awareness the demand for these products are on the rise.


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In the conclusion, I would like to share my little video which I have created just to summarise the entire post.


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